Total Quality Management (TQM) – Project Coordination

Total Quality Management (TQM)

With over 10+ years of experience in Architecture and a Masters in Construction Management, Eli Designs Limited Principal and founder, Mr. Nick Malas is the right choice when it comes to successful project coordination. Nick has developed a detailed system of coordination and controls based on years of practical construction experience and from having established and run Construction Administration Departments for two larger architectural firms. For any project to be successful, there must be some sort of Project Coordination, or rather, Total Quality Management.


Total Quality Management (TQM) grows out of close coordination between the Owner, Architect, and Project Manager, and with all construction trades is paramount for any successful completion. We believe that the role of the Total Quality Management team would be to compliment those services provided by the Design Architect and Contractor and provide the Owner, with relevant, necessary representation during this often complex endeavor.

Architectural Planning

The Main Dream Home Design Process

Exterior & Interior Design

Eli Designs Limited Dream Home Interior

Construction Administration

Eli Designs Limited Dream Home Exterior

Solutions Safety & Facilities Health Check

In today’s world of unpredictability, where a single event can not only have tremendous implications for those immediately involved but where the magnitude of that isolated event can, like ripples on a pond, spread far beyond the point of origin, we must become more vigilant. Each day we become more cautious and as such we have grown to consider the simplest of threats that may affect our very lives.

The intent of the  SafeCheck™ Program is to make a safe building safer; to make an already secure building more secure, and to determine if there are ways to reasonably respond to the potential for the active shooter scenario; either through the use of equipment or the built environment. The need to create a welcoming yet secure learning environment is paramount.

Earth Work

Earth Work

Excavation, filling, and compaction of foundations for buildings and civil structures, stormwater, sewage, and water pipelines.

Civil Work

Civil Work

Retaining walls and barriers supporting roads, construction of water, stormwater, and sewage pipelines, construction of concrete structures, construction of roads, cabro paving, and walkways.

Building Work

Residential Design

Residential, commercial, industrial buildings, schools, clinics, and hospitals.

Renovation, Maintenance, And Repairs

Renovation, Maintenance, And Repairs

On one side, our interior retouch services include painting, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, tiling, lighting, gypsum partitioning and decoration, and acoustic and PVC ceiling installation. While, on the other hand, renovation and repairs may include service solutions such as the overall maintenance of buildings. Such as repairs to roofing, woodwork, and tiles.

The Eli Designs Limited Architecture Team works with our clients to cut through the red tape for many sustainability planning programs. Our relationships with Energy Service Providers and all other notable Clean Energy Program creators help make your projects a priority. Ultimately, by Listening & Understanding… we can find opportunities for change and improvement — Solutions.